Anxiety Essay: How to Write and What to Write about?

So, what do you feel when you have to write an anxiety essay? Well, most likely, you feel anxiety. And it is clear why. First of all, it is complicated to get an idea of what to write. Second, even if you are given a topic, most likely, the topic isn’t going to be simple unless you study at a psychology faculty. But don’t worry, here, you will find some tips and guidelines that will help you to get out of this situation.

Well, an anxiety disorder essay is a rather specific paper, and to write it good, you need to have particular knowledge. So, you shouldn't ignore a single preparation step. If you need to look for sources and materials, then look for them. If you need to substantiate your idea with expert opinions, look for those expert opinions. By the way, popular psychological literature might be helpful, but you should check the information given there with reliable sources, as well.

How to Write an Anxiety Essay: Successful Strategy

As we have already mentioned, to write an excellent essay about anxiety, you need to have some knowledge about this disorder. So, the preparation stage is very important, let's say, it is really crucial for a good essay. Check the publications of specialists: what do they say about the anxiety disorder? How does it prove your ideas or how does it contradict what you have been thinking about it?

For this essay, you will definitely need to make a reference page. So, it will save you more time when you write the citations down with all the required data. Like this, there will be no need to look for them once more.

But how to write an anxiety essay? Is there any specific structure or requirements? What are those particular details that will make your essay the best? Or should you just follow the standard structure without paying attention to too many details and nuances?

Well, if we speak about a college essay about anxiety, then, just follow those guidelines and requirements that your teacher has provided you with. If you don’t have any special guidelines, then, you follow a standard structure, like in any other kind of an essay. So, your paper will consist of an introduction, the main part, and a conclusion. How to write them? Let us check in more details.

Anxiety Essay Introduction: What Should You Write in It?

An anxiety essay introduction has the same target as in the case of any other paper: to attract the attention of your reader. Here, you can write that anxiety is a medical condition (or maybe you don’t think so, then, just express your opinion) and prove why dealing with it is crucial. As well, if you have some personal experiences, you should mention them.

Anxiety Essay Body: Develop Your Idea

In an anxiety essay body, you develop your idea that you have formulated in the introduction. If you believe that anxiety is a medical condition, explain why it might appear and how it could be treated. If you think that anxiety is a normal feeling in certain circumstances, then, substantiate your idea with the citations of relevant specialists. Besides, even in such case, you can suggest some treatment ways.

Anxiety Essay Conclusion: Sum It Up

In an anxiety essay conclusion, you give the summary of everything that you have written. So, is anxiety a medical issue or just a temporary condition that disappears on its own? Should it be treated? What are the treatment ways if there are any?

Anxiety Essay Topics: What Are They?

It is complicated to give advice about a topic for such an essay. In most cases, you will get topics from your teacher. But if you are the one who has to make a choice, then, here, you can find some anxiety essay topics that could be helpful:

  1. Tests and anxiety.
  2. How to alleviate anxiety before important events.
  3. The anxiety of separation: children and parents.
  4. Personality specifics and anxiety.
  5. Anxiety in childhood: reasons and treatment ways.
  6. Anxiety in literature: stories of Edgar Allan Poe.
  7. Valium treatment of anxiety disorder: pros and cons.
  8. Perfectionism as a component of anxiety.
  9. Anxiety and depression.
  10. Genetics and anxiety.
  11. Teens’ anxiety and ways to treat it.
  12. Anxiety and psychoanalysis as a treatment method.
  13. Anxiety in small children: causes and treatment.
  14. Elderly people and anxiety disorder.
  15. Anxiety as a defense mechanism of our body.

Social Anxiety Disorder Essay Outline Doesn’t Differ from Any Standard Outline

A social anxiety disorder outline looks like this:

  • An introduction where you describe the topic relevance. You can give you any ideas that make your reader interested and willing to read your essay till the end.
  • The main body. In the main part, you write all your ideas and suggestions, substantiate them, discuss the opinions of relevant people.
    • Anxiety Disorder definition;
    • Anxiety disorder causes;
    • Anxiety disorder treatment approaches.
  • And, finally, in summary, you give your conclusions.
    • Is anxiety disorder a medical condition?
    • Is it needed to be treated?

If you want to write a good quality anxiety essay, you should get acquainted with the topic, select proper materials and substantiate your ideas with them. After you complete the writing, don’t forget to proofread the paper, and only after that, submit it.