Money Back Guarantee

Doing our best, we try to fulfil all the expectations of our clients, offering them only exceptional custom papers. One of our primary rules is to be honest with the purchasers. Therefore we want to explain a little more about our money-back guarantee section particularly. It will allow us to work comfortably and with no problems.

In most cases, our customers do not turn to this feature thanks to our remarkable results that meet even really rigid deadlines. Revision option can also be found in the list of the services we offer, which seriously helps us approach any situation in a more flexible manner.

We want to guarantee that your money will be if your situation corresponds the prescribed descriptions. We want to point out that only in a limited number of cases you have got the chance to return all your money paid.

100% refund

  1. Double order
    In case of finding yourself in this kind of situation, we recommend our customers to get ahold of our consumer support team and inform us at once. But, in case the writer was assigned before you contacted our support, you would not receive a 100 % refund; therefore make the order thoroughly.
  2. Customer had cancelled their order before we appointed a suitable writer
    In this case, a 100 % refund is definitely available. You are fully entitled for receiving a 100 % refund in case the writer has not started doing your task.
  3. Too many tasks at hand
    The skillsets of our professionals enable us to handle a wide range of order types, but even so, due to various unforeseen occasions or a really high workload, some of our highly experienced writers might be not available.
  4. One order - two bills
    This situation happens incredibly rarely, and only accidentally. Speak to our support the instant you realize that you were charged double the price for one order. Under these circumstances, the copies of receipts would be the most crucial condition to receiving a refund.

Partial refund

Sometimes you will receive a partial refund when your situation corresponds to one of the listed down below:

  1. Missing the due date
    Occasionally, as a result of various unpredictable conditions, it's quite tricky to cope with timely order delivery. The good news is, these situations almost never take place. The refund amount will depend on several factors, that is why it's talked about on an individual basis. But, your actions might also result in failing to receive your money back. In case the author does not have all the materials very important for your task, the due date might be postponed. We believe that in this situation, the unavailability of the money-back option is understandable. Do not forget to attach all the vital files promptly. It'll ensure that your writer produces a premium-quality paper for you without any delays.
  2. You decide that you do not need our help, but the writer has started working on your paper.
    Considering the fact that we have to cover our writer’s work, you could be provided with a refund of about 70%. Make sure you call off your order when there's over fifty percent of the determined period still left to the due date. Otherwise, you can receive only a 50% of the spent amount back.
  3. The client is dissatisfied after receiving their final result
    Allow us to know your feedback about the final result, and we'll do our best to take care of any problems. In case your complaint is found justifiable enough, you'll be offered a money-back option. We're always open for any clients’ comments on our services since it helps us develop and offer you only top-rate custom papers.
  4. Uncommon cases of plagiarized papers
    It is possible to notify us about any data in your work, which have been put to use without proper referencing. It would help us refine the originality of our papers, and you, in exchange, could receive a partial refund or revision option.

No refund

  1. You got a mark which does not match your expectations
    Offering you remarkable papers, we cannot ensure that your teacher or professor will evaluate it the way in which it should, in theory, be looked at.
  2. Polishing services such as formatting, editing, proofreading
    We happily supply our clients with several refining services, but we believe it is necessary to emphasize that we by no means modify the content of the original work. Hence, we do not take any liability for complaints related to its content.

Money-back process

Once we confirm that your request for a refund is well-grounded, it'll take no more than five workdays for your money to be given back. Please, take notice that we cannot be held liable for any potential problems related to any third-party organizations managing your money transferring.

Together with all transaction fees, the money-back option is offered as long as its total amount is larger than 10 USD. Apart from the refund itself, it's possible to use your money to spend on our future assistance, saving the refund sum on your personal account.