The Lottery Essay: What Should You Write about?

The lottery essay can become your favorite writing assignment if you find a right approach to it. So, your task is to write a paper about one of the most prominent and exciting literary works in the English literature. No, this work doesn`t resemble one of those boring stories written in the Middle Ages, and even not one of those so-called classic stories.

In the lottery essay, you can write just about anything. The story is filled with wonderful contrasts that change the reader`s mood and way of story perception. There are symbols that can be interpreted in as many ways as you want. And, finally, try to look behind all standard opinions and ideas, and maybe you will find out something really extraordinary. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson essay allows any kind of ideas, and you need just to find a way of how to substantiate them.

The Lottery Essay Introduction: Don’t Hurry, Prepare Materials First

Don`t hurry to start with the actual writing process, read the story once more. Don’t just entertain yourself by reading, but try to find out what is behind each word that the author used. What are the symbols and what are in them? What are they for? What do the experts say and do your ideas coincide with theirs? Maybe, you perceive the story in a completely different way than all those whose opinions and interpretations you have been reading. And this would be really great.

Now, you can move to the lottery essay introduction. What about just stating there your vision of the story and its symbolism? Did you find any similar opinions or this is only your unique understanding of the story? Do you see and understand the symbols there? With an essay on the lottery, you can really create something unique and make a breakthrough in the English critic literature if you do your best.

The Body Is for Discussing

Here, you develop your ideas and opinions, discuss them and compare with the ideas of famous people or just those ideas that you have found. What are the symbols that Jackson uses in her essay? What about the tone changes and how does it influence a reader? Which literary means does the author use?

Conclusion Might Be the Most Important Part

In your essay on lottery conclusion, you write the summary of the essay content. Do you agree or disagree with the common understanding of the symbols described in the story? Which time is described in the story and what kind of people does the author tell about?

In your essay about the lottery by Shirley Jackson, you don’t describe the story only. You show your understanding of the modern society and people`s nature. So, just write as well as you can.

Did You Proofread Your Paper?

Don’t forget about proofreading. The writing process might be smooth, but still, we are sure you will find a couple of errors when you start rereading your paper. Proofread it, and only after that, you can proceed with the essay submission.

The Lottery Theme Essay: Topics Examples

However, the story is so multi-layered and complex that you might want to write not about the story itself, in general, but about a specific aspect of it. Thus, the topic is important. Here are the lottery essay topics, among them, you can find one for you.:

  • The symbolism of the story.
  • The old man as a symbol.
  • Lottery – what is it?
  • Literary means that the author uses and the purposes of their use.
  • Tradition: the pros and cons.

The Lottery Essay Outline Rules

Usually, the lottery essay outline follows the standard rules. Your essay starts with a nice introduction, then, you create the main part, and you complete your essay with a proper conclusion. But in this kind of paper, you aren`t recommended to follow the standard pattern. Your task is to find new ways to understand the story.

Can the old man symbolize death, for example? Or is he rather a symbol of life? What is the black box used for and what is the sadly famous lottery? What could be the pre-story? All these ideas you could include in your paper. Yes, all of them will be a part of your essay, of one part or another. But they will make your writing unique and interesting.

The Lottery is one of the greatest literary works that can be applied to any person and at any time. The story is full of symbols and hidden meanings, and it is only up to you how you show them and explain them in your the Lottery essay.